BABY SHOES - 2nd Step

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This shoes have been renewed !

Pure veil (antibacterial and anti-virus) processed pile fabric is used for the insole and inside.
It suitable for boy and girl.

The baby grows fast.
Keep in mind to measure the size of your feet diligently for about 3 months.
Please always choose the best size shoes.
You will be pleased with it as a gift

-Uses pile fabric with pure veil processing on the inside and insole of the shoes. It has an excellent antibacterial effect and has a deodorant effect.

What is "Pure Veil" ?
With excellent antibacterial / antiviral properties and washing durability, it is a safe process for children. It is processed so as not to spoil the original soft texture of the material.

[MIKI HOUSE Second Shoes]
As you become able to walk, activities such as running and jumping will become even more active.
The arch begins to form and the range of action expands.
Shoes around this time need to be able to support proper walking and promote growth while protecting them.
It opens wide with the instep belt and can be adjusted and fastened with the hook-and-loop fastener, so it is also recommended for children with high insteps.
The inside is made of pile material and is soft to the touch, and the tongue part has cushioning and is soft, so it is easy to put your feet in.
Shoes with full functionality and design are perfect for supporting your feet when you can run, jump, and walk firmly.

* What is "safe and secure processing pure veil"
New processing "Pure Veil" jointly developed by MIKI HOUSE
The fixed antibacterial ingredient "Etak", which was developed based on the ingredients of mouthwash, firmly penetrates and adheres to the fabric, reducing the number of specific viruses on the fibers of Hadagi
Antibacterial processing is applied without impairing the original soft and gentle texture of the material, so you can wear it safely and securely.

* What is "Etak??"
Immobilized antibacterial ingredient. It is used as an antibacterial agent for oral hygiene and has been confirmed to have excellent antibacterial properties and safety.
* "Antibacterial / antiviral processing" is not intended to cure or prevent illness.
* "Antiviral processing" reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber.
* "Antiviral processing" does not suppress the action of viruses.
* Anti-virus tests are conducted by leaving the virus strains ATCC VR-1679 (with envelope) and ATCC VR-782 (without envelope) at 25 degrees for 2 hours.