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Introducing colorful puzzle block Pucci all-over pattern shoes in the long-selling basketball shoe type. This pair goes well with items with Pucci motifs, or even with simple clothes, and will instantly brighten up your outings. Piping in different colors is also an accent.

  • First shoes that help toddlers walk correctly
  • The toes are slightly raised, making it easy for babies who are just starting to walk, and can be used to practice touch and support
  • Can be used as a unisex product
  • Recommended as a gift for baby showers, etc.
  • Made in Japan

[Miki House First Shoes] First shoes provide solid support for babies who are still unstable and prone to falling. These shoes are made of materials and designs that are comfortable against the skin, gently enveloping your feet, and encourage a natural and correct walking posture using the toes.