BABY SHOES - Mizuno Collaboration

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Made in Vietnam

It is a collaboration shoe of "Miki House Mizuno" which valued the growth of children's feet.
It is a recommended shoe that combines excellent design and functionality.

[Renewal point from the conventional model]

Part 1: Upper material (leather part) changed to artificial leather of short nubuck tone of hairdesign

Children's feet have fan-shaped toes, and each time you walk, your fingertips will
Designed along this fan-shaped foot, it adopts the last (foot type) that gives room to the toes that do not interfere with the movement of the foot.

Infancy, especially when walking, it is difficult for the toe to go up when walking, and the balance is not good, so it is easy to crawl andfall.
By attaching a moderate warping back to the toe, it prevents the sole. Flex sole
If you wear shoes that are hard to bend, it may cause soothing, strain bones and muscles, and interfere with natural walking.

The flex sole is designed to allow the shoe to bend flexibly to match the position where the foot bends, helping smooth walking and encouraging the formation of arches.

Firmly counter Because the foot of the child is still underdeveloped, the impact of the landing is large, and the heel is likely to fall down.
As a result, it is called the inside that the heel tilts too much inward.
The large and sturdy counter secures the heel, prevents the inside of the counter, and promotes the skeleton of the foot correctly.

Shoes with so many functions.
Please try it for your child's growth!

[Kid's Design Award]