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For babies who have started toddling.
Pucci Usako's motif is the point of the first shoes.
Firmly supports the correct walking of the baby.

??The flex sole which is designed so that the sole bends flexibly according to the bending position of the foot
??A solid counter that firmly fixes the heel, prevents it from tilting, and supports walking.
??Foot design with roomy and rounded toes
??Double raschel mesh provides excellent breathability and quick-drying properties, so you can wear it like sandals.
??With a large and thick instep belt, you can hold it firmly according to the height of the instep.
??made in Japan

[First shoes]
First shoes firmly support the walking of babies who are still unstable and prone to falling.
While gently wrapping your feet with a material and design that feels good against your skin,
These shoes encourage a natural and correct way to walk using your toes.