BABY SHOES - 1st Step

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Made in Japan

Material :(White) Synthetic leather / Broad print (Red / Navy) Synthetic leather / Mesh (UPPER)SYNTHETIC LEATHER60%,POLYESTER 40%, (UPPER)SYNTHETIC LEATHER60%,COTTON 40%, (SOLE)RUBBERMade in JAPAN

The long-awaited sports type first shoes are now available!??!!

It is made by the vulcanization method, which is characterized by its flexible and supple sole, and uses pile fabric with antibacterial and antiviral processing "Pure Veil" on the insole and inside.

Shoes that firmly support the correct walking way of babies from the time they started to walk.
The toes part are slightly raised, to prevent babies from tripping.
The hook and loop fastener ,making it easier to put on
The hook-and-loop fastener can be adjusted for subtle differences in size and firmly secures the feet.
The bottom is entirely rubber, you can use it not only indoors but also outdoors
Uses pile fabric with pure veil processing on the inside and insole of the shoes. It has an excellent antibacterial effect and has a deodorant effect.

What is "Pure Veil"
With excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties and washing durability, it is a safe process for children.
It is processed so as not to spoil the original soft texture of the material.

* What is "safe and secure processing" pure veil "
New processing "Pure Veil" jointly developed by MIKI HOUSE.
The fixed antibacterial ingredient??"Etak", which was developed based on the ingredients of mouthwash, firmly antibiotics and adheres to the fabric, reducing the number of specific viruses on the fiber.
It is safe and secure because it is antibacterial processed without damaging the original soft and gentle texture of the material.

* What is "Etak"
Immobilized antibacterial ingredient. It is used as an antibacterial agent for oral hygiene and has been confirmed to have excellent antibacterial properties and safety.
* "Antibacterial / antiviral processing" is not intended to cure or prevent illness.
* "Antiviral processing" reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber.
* "Antiviral processing" does not suppress the action of viruses.

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