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Overview: Pink: New color for Spring/Summer 2024

These are first shoes made with high-quality and soft synthetic leather. The off-white color is gentle and features a simple design that is easy to match with anything. Recommended for baby shower gifts.

  • For babies who are just starting to toddle
  • Mesh material with deodorizing and antibacterial effects is used on the inside and midsole of the shoes
  • The upper is made of environmentally conscious synthetic leather using recycled PET bottles
  • Made in Japan

[Miki House First Shoes] First shoes provide solid support for babies who are still unstable and prone to falling. Crafted from materials and designs that are gentle on the skin, they softly wrap around the feet, encouraging a natural and correct walking posture using the toes.

[Pure Veil Processing by Miki House]

  • Excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • High safety standards
  • Superior wash durability

Features: The antibacterial and antiviral processing "Pure Veil" applied to the mesh fabric on the insole surface inhibits the growth of bacteria inside the shoes and suppresses the occurrence of unpleasant odors. Utilizes a hybrid catalyst?? that decomposes harmful substances using oxygen in the air for excellent antibacterial and antiviral processing. Suppresses the growth of specific bacteria on the fibers and reduces the number of specific viruses.

*Hybrid catalyst?? is a registered trademark of Sanwa Shoji Co., Ltd. *Antibacterial and antiviral processing is not intended for curing or preventing diseases. *Antiviral testing was conducted by leaving the virus strain ATCC VR-1679 (envelope-present) at 25??C for 2 hours.