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A fall / winter model using corduroy appears for popular basket shoes.
A bore is attached to the mouth, and the warmth is transmitted from the appearance.
The inside of the shoes is brushed, so it is excellent in heat retention and wearing comfort.

The baby grows fast.
Try to measure the size of your feet frequently, as a guide, as a guide.
Always choose the best size shoes.

?? First shoes that support the correct walking of a baby walking
?? Miki House shoes are also recommended for gifts
??made in Japan

[Miki House First Shoes]
Baby shoes that support the correct walking of the baby from the time you started Yochiyo Anuyo.
The toes are a little up, so it is easy for babies to walk, and you can use them for practicing tacch and bean paste.
The back belt is opened with the surface velcro, making it easier to wear. Because it can be adjusted with a surface zipper, it also fits the babies of Kotaka.