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* For a relaxed eye design, we recommend that you choose the actual size of your child.

It is a collaboration shoe of "Miki House x Mizuno" that carefully considered the growth of children's feet.
"Miki House x Mizuno" collaboration shoes have been renewed.
Recommended baby shoes with excellent design and functionality.

?? Specifications that open large and easy to wear with thick surface zipper
?? Equipped with a Ashiyubi walking insole supports natural walking that kicks out using the toes.
?? For the main material synthetic leather and mesh, we use materials that are environmentally -based environmental environments.

"Ashiyubi walking insole"
(1) The unevenness of the toe caught with the toes
(2) Bent structure that bends according to the feet
(3) 3D structure that wraps the heel
(4) The fitting guide of the toe that shows the appropriate size immediately
(5) Picture prints that are available on the left and right

In addition, it also has the original Miki House function.
?? Foot design
The child's feet have a fan -shaped toe, and every time they walk, their fingertips spread.
It is designed along this fan -shaped foot, and adopts the last (footprint) with plenty of toes that do not hinder the movement of the foot.
?? Two spring
When you are a childhood, especially when you are walking, your toes are hard to rise when you are walking, and the balance is not good, so you can easily stumble and fall.
By adding a moderate warp of the toe, it prevents stumbling.
?? Flexsole
Wearing hard -to -bend shoes can cause stumbling, burden bones and muscles, which hinder natural walking.
The flexsole is designed so that the shoes bend flexibly according to the bent position of the feet, helping smooth walking and promoting arch formation.
?? The counter is firm
The child's feet are still immature, so the impact of landing is large and the heels are more likely to fall down.
As a result, the inside of the heel is lean too inward.
Large and durable counters fix the heel firmly to prevent the inside and promote the skeleton of the foot correctly.
?? Last design that is wide -wide foot -width equivalent to 2E: Designed in size equivalent to 2E.

Shoes with so many functions.
Please try it for your child's growth.

* For those who use the Ashiyubi walking insole and the insole together
Due to the nature of the Ashai Yubi walking insole, we recommend that you wear it as appropriate as possible.
However, if you purchase an insole separately for adjustment because the size does not match, please put the insole under the Ashiyubi walking insole.