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Material : ATBC-PVC, BRASS

Origin : CHINA

The petit train that became a conductor became an amusing ride for the animals.
The electric train is electric.
Various courses can be enjoyed depending on the combination.

[Set contents] Train Body: 1 Both , Puzzle Panel: 9
Target age: 3 years and over
* Please do not give children under 3 years old
1 AAA dry battery used (sold separately)Alkaline dry battery recommended
* The picture may not match depending on the combination.
* Please understand that the photo and illustration of the outer box may differ from the actual product.

This product uses the paint that is safe for children, in conformity with the inspection standards of food hygiene law Toys.

[Precautions for use]
The train main body has small parts such as screws and tires.
Please do not put in the mouth .
There Is A Danger Such As Suffocation.
As There Is A Danger Of Accidental Ingestion, Never Give Off To Children Under 3 Years.
There Are Sharp Or Sharp Parts On This Product Due To The Form Of Expressive Expression.
Please Do Not Play For anything other than purpose of use.
When turning on the switch, be careful of rotating tires.
There is a risk of getting injured by trampling.
Please never leave it on the floor etc.
Be careful not to pinch your fingers, hair, clothing etc in the rotating tire or the clearance of the movable part of the main body.
Do not use rechargeable batteries (NiCd etc.), nickel batteries (oxyride batteries, etc.) absolutely.
Please pay attention to incorrect drinking accident (children under 3 years old) of AAA batteries (sold separately).
* Since there are other notes, please read the outer box carefully and keep it.