UNDERWEAR - Kaijima cotton knit gauze

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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

Clover patterned Hadagi Kimono-style Bodysuit using "phantom cotton" Kaijima cotton.
Luxurious Hadagi is recommended for childbirth preparations and celebrations.

-Cashmere-like feel and silky luster.
-Has the softest texture of cotton and has a beautiful silky luster.
It is stronger and lighter than any cotton.
Hadagi made from sea-island cotton is soft and has a moderate thickness, so there is resilience, and the soft texture is maintained even after repeated washing.
-Because there are many natural twists, the water absorption is enhanced, the moisture absorption is excellent, and you can keep comfort even if you sweat.
Soft and soft Hadagi soft and comfortable to the touch
Reliable product made in Japan
Hadagi for heat retention
- for body temperature regulation is not good baby Hadagi Kimono-style Short Bodysuit used on top of
-A hem-wide silhouette that does not cling to your baby's M-shaped legs.
It doesn't stop even if the movement of the foot becomes active with the crotch hook.

What is [Kaijima cotton]
-A "fiber jewel" that is carefully grown over a long period of time under favorable climate and weather conditions.
-Mass production is difficult, and picking is done by careful manual work one by one.
The annual production is less than 1/100,000 of the total cotton in the world. It is a valuable material that has been presented to the British royal family.

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-Providing the longest fiber length of ultra-long cotton, the yarn spun with "Kaijima cotton" has a supple and unique elegant luster, and features excellent water absorption, durability, and restoration.
-Since the fiber contains a large amount of oil and fat, it feels slimy to the touch and has a soft texture. Ideal for babies with sensitive skin.