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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

A combination underwear made of milling material that you can wear comfortably at all times

  • Standard elastic underwear
  • Material with excellent water absorption and durability
  • Underwear for heat retention
  • Used by layering on short underwear for babies to control body temperature
  • With awide hem that does not cling to the shape of the foot A crotch hook is attached, so that the movement of the foot becomes active
  • High-performance underwear with antibacterial and anti-virus processing "Pureveil"

* "Anti-virus / antibacterial processing"
Uses anti-virus functional fiber processing material using the immobilized antibacterial ingredient "Etak" developed based on the ingredients used for cleaning and disinfecting the oral cavity.
Gently wrap your baby in the comfortable texture of cotton.It was realized through joint development with Kurabo Industries.

* "Antibacterial / antiviral processing" is not intended to cure or prevent illness.
* "Antiviral processing" reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber.
* "Anti-virus processing" does not suppress the action of viruses.
* The antiviral test is conducted by leaving ATCC VR-1679 (with envelope) at 25 C for 2 hours.