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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

Comfortable underwear of fluffy soft milling material that you can wear comfortably anytime of year.
White underwear that is easily noticed by changes in your baby. 's complexion is recommended especially during newborn babies.
Combined underwear is worn from short underwear, it helps to regulate body temperature. I will protect the baby's skin with the heat retention function.

Fall winter will be a great success as an inner.
It is a silhouette spreading at the hem that does not cling to fit the baby's M type foot. Since crotch hook is attached, even if the movement of the foot becomes active, unrestricted movement.

Soft and warmth texture, 100% natural cotton superior absorbency and durability, is a gentle skin touch underwear. For severe baby's skin all seams and tags are on the front side. It is made deepening inside, so to prevent baby stomach catching cold.
It is made in Japan.

Miki house underwear gently wraps the baby, safe and safe antibacterial / antiviral processing "pure veil" processing is done.
By firmly fixing the immobilized antibacterial component "Etak (ETAC)" developed based on the cleaning and disinfectant in the oral cavity, it is possible to suppress the growth of bacteria on the fiber and to increase the number of specific viruses Reduce.