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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : Japan

Size : New born

Excellent water absorption and soft texture continue even after repeated washing. Since it uses cotton with long fibers, it is also characterized by less fluffing.
It is a practical item that you can just put on your small new born baby feet.
It helps to prevent the coldness caused by air conditioning in summer as well as in autumn and winter. Booties that are fluffy and gently wrap like marshmallows!
Recommended as a gift along with items made of non-twisted yarn.

What is??untwisted yarn:

Untwisted yarn is a yarn made by a special method without twisting (twisting) the fibers. Fabrics made from untwisted yarns are surprisingly soft and soft compared to regular fabrics made from twisted yarns.
It has excellent absorbency, does not harden even after washing, and remains soft. In addition, since it uses carefully selected cotton, there is little fluffing and it has a natural luster.
It is the most stress-free natural material for newborn.