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A set of gauze bass poncho and mini towel. Gauze bass poncho with hood can be used by newborns and is recommended for giving birth and gifts.

?? Materials with excellent water absorption and quick -drying properties
?? If you spread it, you can use it as a poncho if you stop the bath towel and button.
?? Convenient after bathing or after the pool
?? Target age up to about 2 years old
?? Excellent water absorption and high safety that meets the highest level of ??mabari towel??in Japan.

Product precautions
Due to the characteristics of the product, please be aware of the following precautions. ??This product comes with a box. We will cut off the price tag and deliver it to you. ??Message cards cannot be attached. ??As this is a sanitary product, we cannot accept returns after opening.