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Made in Japan

It is a diaper cover of 100% cotton .Cotton type is characterized by less irritation to the skin and high breathability and moisture absorption!
It is hard to get dirty and has a refreshing feel. I use natural fiber that thinks about babies.
It is an outer belt type that does not attach the tummy of the baby who is breathing abdominally, and I deepened the change. The front part curves gently so as not to hit the navel, and the backrest part is slightly increased to prevent leaking.

In addition, the built-in rubber fits the baby's body shape perfectly. In addition, water repellent and moisture permeability processing is performed inside. The hook-and-white fastener is round and horn-free, so it is gentle and safe for the baby's skin.
In addition, by bending the belt and fixing it to the pile surface on the back, it prevents dirt from sticking during washing and does not worry about damage to the baby's skin when changing diapers.

Miki House's diapers are packed with ingenuity that takesinto account the comfort of the baby. Please prepare 3 to 4 diapers to prepare for your baby' s birth.

* When choosing diapers, please choose the right size for height and weight.