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Material : COTTON 100%

Origin : Japan

5 pcs/set

(50-60 cm)

It is a compact diaper that does not require the trouble of folding and is convenient for washing.
Because it is a three-layer structure of cotton material, water absorption is also outstanding! A special material easily absorbs pee for two newborn babies.
It is almost the same amount of water absorption as one dobby cloth diaper. With a triple-knit structure, it is resilient even after repeated washing and lasts a soft and gentle feel to the skin. There is no worry of horizontal mole by the wipe winding tape with excellent elasticity.
Three-dimensional cutting that fits perfectly into the baby's buttocks. It prevents overshoot from the diaper cover and does not interfere with natural foot movement.
Please use it as a set with the diaper net (product number: 40-7435-788)??sold separately.
Keeps your tinge smooth and prevents diaper rashes.