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Origin : JAPAN

* All parts are compatible with boiling, chemicals, and microwave disinfection.

It is a super cross cut milk hole that does not spill even if it is spilled.
Safe and clean without spilling milk. As long as your baby doesn't suck, the breasts and air valves are perfectly closed so you don't get on your baby's face or inadvertently stain the sheets.

You can control the way milk comes out according to the sucking power.

[Handling method]
When using for the first time, be sure to clean and disinfect the bottle, nipple, cap, hood, nipple care, etc.
Be careful not to burn the product by boiling.
For chemical disinfection, follow the handling method of each manufacturer.
When disinfecting with a microwave oven, be sure to use a container dedicated to disinfecting the microwave oven and follow the handling method. Do not heat in the microwave directly as it is.
Use baby bottles and nipples from the same manufacturer. It may cause milk leakage or cracking.
Scratches on the bottom are called "Shermark" and can be manufactured. Please use with confidence.

* For safe use, be sure to check the instruction manual and precautions on the side of the box for disinfection, milk preparation, cleaning, and other handling before using.
Also, please keep the precautions in a safe place so that you can refer to them at any time.