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Material : SILICONE

Origin : JAPAN

It is a nipple (cross cut) that can be replaced with a PPSU baby bottle and Tritan's Betta baby bottle.
Jewel nipple born from the voice of Mama.
A cross cut is a mechanism in which a slit opens according to the movement of a baby's mouth and milk comes out. Because the amount that comes out depends on the sucking power, I urge you to devise how much you drink by yourself. Also for tea and fruit juice.

I thought about "drinking milk" the most.
Can be used from newborns to breast-feeding.
The tip is slightly soft.
Inappropriate twisted wire
Feeling like mommy's tits.
- Dropped mark that the position of the air valve can be known at a glance.

reference for replacement
It is best to exchange in about a month.
It is recommended to rotate 2 ~ 3 pieces while using it!
Suddenly changing to a new nipple, the baby is surprised and there are things that it will be reluctant. Please use 2 ~ 3 pieces with rotation.
When a baby with teeth grows it may rupture if you pull it. Please be careful.