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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

It is a mini towel using fluffy soft twist yarn material. Fluffy soft texture and softness and healing for even point embroidery of duck and chick.

Because it uses spun yarn (no twist yarn) without twisting it is fluffy softness! Even after repeated washing, Excellent water absorbency and soft texture continue. Because it uses long fiber cotton, it is also characterized by less fluff missing. Towel carefully selected and used only high quality yarn with the same fiber length. It is a finish that combines softness and durability.

Superior water absorbency and high safety have cleared the domestic highest standard "Imabari (towel) towel" standard. Moreover, it has realized high ultraviolet shielding ratio by high density tissue. Easy-to-use mini towels are useful not only for children, but for all family members.
What is non-twisted yarn, non-twisted yarn is a thread made by a special method without twisting (more) the fiber. Fabrics made with non-twisted yarn are surprisingly soft and soft compared to regular fabrics using twisted yarn. It is superior in absorbency, hard to become hard even when washing, softness lasts. Also, carefully selected cotton is used, so fluff fall is less, there is a natural gloss feeling. It is the most stress-free natural material on the baby's newborn baby's skin.