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Material : COTTON100%

Made in Japan


5 layers of stacked weave the Gauze in a packet soft, texture gentle with plump next-to-skin features of the Gauze was used Gauze is a packet.
It is very convenient for babies because it is excellent in breathability, water absorption and quick drying.

Good breathable, light and soft Gauze material also has good hygroscopicity, because the surface of the fabric is flat so it is not caught, It can be used safely on delicate skin of babies and children.

The surface touching the body Gauze fine texture gently woven fine threads. Soft, always refreshingly refreshed feel.
In the 3rd layer of Gauze, weave with a slightly thick yarn using a part of non-twisted yarn.

Three layers with plenty of air and volume sense realized excellent water absorption and breathability. I finished it with lovely chick & clover pattern, dot pattern.
The cotton material is also gentle and safe for babies, it is also recommended for gifts.