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*Due to the loose design, we recommend that you choose the size according to your child's actual size.

These are collaboration shoes of ``MIKI HOUSE x Mizuno'' that take into account the growth of children's feet.??Recommended second baby shoes that combine excellent design and functionality.??The main materials, synthetic leather and mesh, are made from environmentally friendly materials based on recycled polyester.

[Point 1] The upper material (leather part) is made of short-pile nubuck-like artificial leather. It is
less likely to fuzz due to friction and has increased strength. It is??easy to remove dirt and handle.

[Point 2] Insole "Ashiyubi Walking" Insole: Uses MIKI HOUSE's original insole
- Concave and convex toes that can be grasped with your toes
- Flexible structure that bends
to fit your foot - 3D structure that wraps around the heel -
Fitting guide that allows you to easily determine the appropriate size (for slightly larger shoes, perfect for slightly smaller shoes) 2) -??Comes with MIKI HOUSE's original features such as
matching print on the left and right side??- Flex sole, firm counter, foot design, toe spring - The??instep belt is adjustable with a hook-and-loop fastener, and has a high instep convenient for children.